A downloadable game for Windows

The story of the game starts you off with you coming home from school. After a long and tiring day at your high school, you've decided to hit the bed for a while since your parents barred you from playing video games for pulling too many pranks. When you woke up form your nap, you suddenly find yourself in a strange world where there's a solar eclipse yet the area is filled with sunlight. You turned around to find a weird creature running towards your position, lunging at you. The creature nabbed your neck and begin to bite into it. Using a nearby firearm, you took it out, aimed it at the weird creature, and shot it dead. Getting up after taking that vicious onslaught, you feel even more pain as you tried to stand; what did that creature do to you? Did it inject some sort of venom into your body? You don't know the answer but you do know one thing; you need to get out of there!

Your goal of the game is to find the goal door under a time limit. You navigate your character with the arrow keys which is essential to traversing through the maze you're stuck in. Find the exit as soon as possible!

Install instructions

The game is inside a zip file. Uncompress the folder to open the files and you should find the.exe file of the game.


MazeExplorer (Windows).zip 51 MB