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You are a mascot who dreams of becoming the best football player ever! You finall have the chance to prove yourself against a team of dumb, meatheaded football players who are out to get you. Only armed with a ship to traverse through the field, you must overcome the obstacles thrown in your way. Try to survive the vicious onslaught of the opposing football team as long as you can so you can become the greatest football player of all time or lose and become the goat of your team.

Power-ups will be provided to aid you; the S-coin will help increase the speed of your ship while the purple football token grants you 12 football for you to use to incapacitate your enemies! For most of the game, you will be unarmed so you must be careful or risk getting hit by a player and it's game over!

Update (4/12/2016): Game updated with a menu screen that comes with how-to-play and credits buttons.

Install instructions

Download the .exe file, click on it, and you'll be able to run the installer. Follow the instructions and you'll be able to play the game.


footballBusters.exe 5 MB

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